Salmon Creek Pinot Noir 2016
Salmon Creek

Salmon Creek Pinot Noir 2016

Regular price $16.00
Let me be clear. This is a delectable, delicious, fruit-driven and juicy Oregon pinot noir that could easily command $28 - $32 per bottle There is no other Oregon pinot noir on the market at a price of $14.40 / bottle (by the case) that even comes close. There is no other Oregon Pinot Noir with this price-to-quality ratio. 
I'm extremely pleased to announce the release of the 2016 Salmon Creek Pinot Noir. This is a superb pinot noir of outstanding quality that bears no relationship to the price whatsoever. It is a small-lot, hand-made wine from one of our favorite winemakers, blended by our Pinotguy Bob Wolfe exclusively for Oregon Pinot Noir Dot Com. It is an unbelievable bargain, and every one of our clients should buy a case or two. Alas, only 150 cases are available. 

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