Oregon Pinot Noir Mixed 2012 Vintage Six Pack!

Oregon Pinot Noir Mixed 2012 Vintage Six Pack!

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Mixed Six Pack of 2012 Vintage Pinot Noirs including  2012 Luke Jefferson Pinot Noir, 2012 Andrew Rich Pinot Noir Knife Edge, 2012 Bodecker Pinot Noir Stewart, 2012 North Valley Pinot Noir Origin Series – Yamhill Carlton District, 2012 Amalie Robert Pinot Noir Dijon Clones, 2012 Carabella Pinot Noir Chehalem Mountain. 

So imagine my surprise when I was able to dig up a few superlative 2012 pinots! There's not a lot around, but I was able to find six highly worthy bottles for your consideration. As a group, these wines have moved from their brash youth into a delicious middle-age. The flavors have commingled in the bottle, and the textures have become supple. They still show scads of fruit, great depth, and are highly complex on the palate, but they are NOT that close to maturity. These can be enjoyed now for a fruit-driven wine experience, or cellared if you prefer the elegance of older Oregon wine. 
In any case, this is a fantastic find that took some effort to locate and assemble. I encourage all of you to grape a six-pack or two -- particularly if you've already consumed all of your '12s already! 

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