Mystery Three-Vintage Vertical Six Pack

Mystery Three-Vintage Vertical Six Pack

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Three Vintage Vertical of Estate Pinot Noir
Estate Single-Vineyard Pinot Noir
Made By Oregon's Most Famous Winemaker
 Extraordinary 2013-2015 Vertical Six-Pack


Six Pack Price Normally $309

Now Just $199 - 35% Off!

The offer is for a six pack of wine comprising a three-vintage vertical of their Estate bottling (usually $42 / bottle), and a three-vintage vertical of their “Reserve” offering (usually $50 / bottle). That’s a bottle each of Estate and Reserve from 2013, 2014 and the as-yet-unreleased 2015 vintage.
So, the winery is both delving into the library, AND offering us first crack at their newest vintage!

THERE’S ONE BIG CATCH – I cannot publish the name of the winery or the winemaker. And, if you obtain this deal, you must agree to not share the winery name or winemaker name on any form of social media. I’m serious. The only way this deal came together was that I promised anonymity. But when you find out what the wine is, you’re going to be very happy . . .

You Know The Winery: The winery in question is a well-known Oregon producer. In fact, we have used their wines for our wine club multiple times over the years.

You Know The Vineyard: The estate vineyard the fruit comes from is very well known, and has been bottled as a single-vineyard wine by an exceptionally prominent winemaker for many years. You’ve had wine from this site before . . .

You Absolutely Know The Winemaker: The winemaker for these wines may be the single best-known, famous Oregon winemaker of all-time! We routinely offer every product from this winemaker that we can get our hands on.

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