Kelley Fox Pinot Noir Maresh Vineyard Flower Block 2017
Kelley Fox

Kelley Fox Pinot Noir Maresh Vineyard Flower Block 2017

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Maresh Vineyard is one of the most prized vineyards in Oregon, and any good Oregon winemaker would jump at the chance to get some of that old vine fruit. Kelley Fox gets a good chunk of it, and uses it to produce exquisite wines that combine the elegance and purity of classic pinot noir with seriously complex flavors and the kind of structure that allows pinot noir to age gracefully for years and years.
In recent years, Fox has learned that the vines from The Star of Bethlehem Flower Block - so named after the lily-related flowers that grow between the vines -- produce a distinctive and special wine, so she started bottling it as a stand-alone wine about three vintages ago. Her notes on the wine are lyrical and on point, so I'm going to use her info in this review:
"Only six barrels comprised this bottling. The 2017 is a transparent, brilliant light red with blue and fuschia lights and tones that catch the eye. This year, the Star is a little deeper than that of the Maresh, but that said, both remind me a bit of my 2007 or 2011 in several ways. The nose is noble and pure, with a moving, diaphanous layer of minerality over the refined strawberry character always present in my Maresh bottlings when young. This wine, my most subtle and refined 2017 Pinot, is a sleek and strong beauty. This one is like a person who sits quietly in one place and to whom others are magnetically attracted and approach on their own, perhaps not even knowing why or that they did in the first place. It is a wine of silence and will likely be spellbinding as it matures."

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