Brigadoon Pinot Noir La Chouette 2014

Brigadoon Pinot Noir La Chouette 2014

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This farming family has a sizable spread upon which they conduct various agricultural activities, including grape farming and grapevine rootstock growing. Baby grape vines gotta come from somewhere, and some of it comes from Brigadoon. They also made a modest amount of pinot noir, and this is our first selection from this fairly new producer.

his wine is a step up in depth and complexity and justifies a higher price than some of our other value picks. There is an impressive surge of dark fruit flavors on the palate, mineral-laden, lengthy, but remaining lively through the entire palate arc, which concludes with a lengthy finish. There is commendable depth and layering here, and plenty of room for flavor expansion with a bit of bottle age. An excellent effort with great appeal.

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