Membership: World Class Club Monthly Subscription

Membership: World Class Club Monthly Subscription

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Two (2) Different bottles of pinot noir each month. Bottles selected are the most impressive wines in their price range available at the time of shipment. Generally ready to drink, these wines are chosen for their excellent value, as well as high quality. The price will vary, but will not exceed $132/month, which includes all shipping charges.


    • Please note that an adult signature is required at the time of delivery.
    • If you choose a quantity of 1 at checkout, we will start your monthly wine club immediately, and continue until you notify us to stop
    • If you choose a number other than 1 at checkout (such as 3 or 6) we will start your monthly wine club immediately, and then stop automatically after that many shipments
    • We can accommodate all schedules -- twice a month, every two months, etc. Just give us a call at 800-847-4474.


We typically bill on the 17st of each month and ship the wines ASAP thereafter. PLEASE NOTE that shipments can be delayed by very hot or very cold weather! If you live where is goes above 85F in the summer or below 20F in the winter, we will automatically accumulate your wines until the weather is appropriate for shipping, and we will then automatically ship your wines together. This kind of policy is standard in the fine wine business, and is vital to protect product quality for all parties involved -- the OPNC, the producer, and the wine lover.


Once we bill you for the wine, it belongs to you. We will then ship the wine on your behalf. If weather prevents timely shipping, we will store your wine in our temperature controlled, below-grade warehouse at no extra cost until conditions are appropriate for shipping. We will not bill you for freight until we actually ship the wine.

If you have any questions or comments, please call us at 800-847-4474 or email