Beaux Freres Pinot Noir Les Cousins 2018 -- LIMITED
Beaux Freres

Beaux Freres Pinot Noir Les Cousins 2018 -- LIMITED

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Most of you will recall that this label is the Beaux Freres bottling meant primarily for restaurants. But in the past, I was able to get a bunch of it because . . . well, because I've been around a few days. But when Beaux Freres sold to Henriot, new marketing folks came in, and now my long-term relationship with the winery doesn't carry much weight anymore. So, we have not had access to Les Cousins for about two years.

BUT . . . as you know, many restaurants are now closed. Suddenly, we have access to the Beaux Freres restaurant wine again! It's made to be delicious now, as befits a high-end glass pour. The wine is supple, brimming with red fruits that have a juicy, vivacious character, and it really coats the palate. This wine clearly benefits from the Etzel family experience of winemaking (Mike Senior, Mike Junior, Jared Etzel, Nathan Etzel -- between them, they have multiple high-end wine brands). Alas, there are only 13 cases of this wine available as I write this. That said, if you buy 12 bottles, you get 10% off the price. 

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